Jen Kao vest and dress // CÉLINE sandals // Mansur Gavriel clutch

Wore Jen Kao to her show today - my favorite look of NYFW so far that is, no doubt, heavily influenced by the comfort factor. I would basically wear this every day if I could. Actually come to think of it my whole outfit is glorified house wear - essentially a nightgown and house slippers. Funny how black makes everything chicer.


photos by Morgan O'Donovan

Last fashion week when I visited Jen Kao's studio we had so much fun we decided to do it again. While the previous season's blizzard had us trapped indoors, this time around Morgan and I were able to shoot a few looks outside. The weather has been a godsend. Dare I say even better than California.

My favorites were a shift dress (in the same fabric as the last shot) and the look I wore to the show, but after Instagram-ing runway shots, the people's choice seems to be the platforms. I do not disagree. The world needs more strong side profile shoes.


Calvin Klein Collection coat and trousers // Jen Kao FW13 jacket // Prabal Gurung Linda Farrow sunglasses // Saint Laurent bag // Altuzarra boots

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Found a better view of my look from a view posts back. I wore this to the Jen Kao show. The indigo jacket (worn under the coat) is from Jen Kao's FW13 collection that just showed. I can't wait to get my hands on the black leather version.

I was most bummed to miss the Calvin Klein Collection show today, but these pieces more than made up for it. I really have a knack for turning beautiful runway pieces into frumpy bag lady chic no? It's my hidden fashion talent I guess. LET ME LIVE.


Recognize these looks?? More behind the scenes from Jen Kao's studio, shot by Morgan O'Donovan, this time with actual runways looks. This is actually a pretty accurate cross section of the different textures represented in the show - Japanese patchwork-esque indigo, metallic leather, and dominatrix pleather. Really I mean, it would take something like this to get me into a dress.

If only I could bypass summer and head straight to fall. Maybe a trip to Australia is in order. Do people do that? Chase colder seasons?


photos via

Did I tell you or did I tell you... All about that top left jacket. Dress, jacket, overcoat, so many possibilities. And that silver tracksuit. You could technically wear it separately to make it less crazy, but why would you do that? We are all about the crazy here yezno? That spotted mink you just really have to see in person. And grope touch (no judgment). And once you spend ONE snowy day in NY, all you will look at is floor length coats. Trust me.

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Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Jen Kao's studio and shot some behind the scenes of show prep. It was crazy, but well worth it in the end. While Jen and the team went over final details, I had a chance to shoot some of the FW13 pieces with amazing fashion photographer, Morgan O'Donovan.
The jacket in this last photo is what I wore to the show today. There is a black leather version that has my name all over it come next Fall. So many pieces I wish I could just fly home to LA wearing.

Show recap in a bit!

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So yesterday the weather diarrhea-ed a whole lot of snow on the city, which means sludge, which means dirty sludge, which means goodbye nice fashion shoes. I luckily stuck with my A$AP Rocky x Bag Lady fashion concept and managed to stay warm. Shout out to Uniqlo Heat Tech! This is me at Milk Studios after the day was done.

Really excited for the Jen Kao show today. I spent the day yesterday at the studio and got the behind the scenes scoop on today's show. Truth be told, as much as I appreciate the brand's aeshetic, the past collections have been a bit too feminine for me to actually wear. But this collection, give me everything! Lots of menswear and Japanese patchwork inspired coats. Mink accents like below. Just everything. I want it all. Stay tuned for the runway show. And follow me on their social media!

This is what it looks like outside currently. Nemo is really doing no favors for fashion week.

So here I am posting from the Tribeca Grand and waiting to the very last second to go out into the cold.

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And I am displeased (obvi). This weather is doing nothing for me. But I might have also served myself better had I packed more than 3 tops and white shoes for this blizzard. But in other less complain-y news...

I will be taking over Jen Kao's social media for the next few days of NYFW. Tune in!

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