vintage tee // vintage Levi's // 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket // CÉLINE Trio bag // Jenni Kayne D'Orsay flats // Ray Ban sunglasses

Some day there will be a day when I won't complain anymore - about too much work, about too little time, about being so tired, about not knowing what to eat - but until then, here are some photos from a month ago to distract us. It was windy and I went to go see dinosaurs. You can do that sort of thing on your birthday.

And yes, I listen to Iron Maiden. Relax anons.


Reformation silk tee // Comme des Garcons x H&M shorts // Loeffler Randall bag // Jenni Kayne flats // Club Monaco hat // The Hundreds sunglasses

These photos were actually from a month ago, but the heat today reminded me of how sweaty I was in these shorts. When I was younger all I ever cared about was summer and tshirts and Vans. Now all I wait for is chilly weather and any chance to put on a jacket. Am I outgrowing Southern California?


T by Alexander Wang shirt c/o of I Dont Like Mondays // Acne leather jacket // vintage DIY Levis // Jenni Kayne flats

This shirt is by far the "sexiest" item of clothing to make it through my closet door, but quite possibly the perfect entry-level scandalous shirt for a grandma like me. Another photo here. Then the elusive Metal jacket that I failed horribly on bringing home with me from Stockholm and subsequently could not stop obsessing over. Makes for some terribly stressful online scouring, but in the end really solidifies a lifetime of appreciation. Perfect leather jacket, check.

I can't seem to recall the last time I came home from work and had nothing to do but veg. A blessed complaint I suppose? New York in two weeks for some projects. Any recommendations?


Acne jacket // NYC PARIS tee // RVCA jeans // Jenni Kayne flats // Givenchy bag

I've been on an insane eating spree this weekend and I'm scared of tomorrow's Easter dinner climax. Maybe I was subconsciously stretching my stomach in preparation? There can only be one answer... stretchy pants.

This tee now comes in an awesome grey melange and is available for preorder here. Free shipping in the US and international shipping is now a GO! Let's all match!

Oh and I need a favor from someone in Stockholm. Any takers?!


J Brand Leather Skinny Pants // Jenni Kayne D'Orsay Flats

For some time, my OCD has rendered my perfect flats finding mission utterly useless. The two main requirements being a completely flat sole (none of that 0.5 cm heel business) and a completely flat toe (none of that elfing upwards business). Two seemingly average requests, but in actuality a difficult combination to find...until now.

I dub thee, D'Orsay, the most perfect flats ever.

*firm hand shake*