Zara shirt // P.A.M. skirt // Givenchy necklace // CÉLINE heels // Jil Sander bag

Wore this out to a family dinner a few weeks ago. The last of the birthday outfits (wait there were only two). Trying to figure out ways to wear this necklace casually, if such a thing even exists. Is this the new look of hip hop?

Just landed in New York for an exciting project and some meetings. Feeling like a zombie at the moment so hitting the sack in hopes of smaller dark circles and less scaley skin in the morning.


Fun Spring 11 bags from Jil Sander.

The last bag is such a clever design. The clutch alone is worth it. Would love to see it in a different color combo though. Spotted it at Barneys while on a date with Mimi and Joelle. As I get older I'm beginning to gravitate more towards girlfriends. I spent a good 25 years of my life hanging with grimy boys and now in my 30s I'm appreciating little things like lunch/shopping dates. It's a nice break from my usual super speedy in-out purchasing experience, to be able to try things on together and pow wow with people whose taste you trust.