cant wait for spring...

i don't think anyone ever questions whether or not ann demeulemeester will deliver, come each new season, but at the end of each you're always left wondering how it could get any better. just when you think how will she top the leather ribcage belt contraption and THOSE lace up boots? she comes with these metal strands and insane strappy footwear. these boots are the ultimate for spring.

this dress and jacket would drastically improve the quality of my life.
and what even needs to be said about these...

love this take on the classic white shirt and tailored suit.

Parisian chic yes. other shows may have more whoa and pizazz but Isabel Marant always shows the most everyday wearable chic clothes. this jacket is perfection.

after last fall's crazy metal and chainmail detailed jackets i looked forward to seeing what new details there would be for spring. surprisingly these shoes caught my eye more than the clothes. the detail on the jacket though is so exquisite.

no words.


that is the question.

so here are my Yohji Yamamoto for Doc Martens boots. they used to be the silver color that the insole is there, but i knew i'd get much more wear out of them if they were black (duh), so i had them professionally dyed. i had planned all along to spike the shit out of them like the junya boots i so covet below, but now that they've been dyed and i see them in all their black glory, i'm sort of into the plain-ness of them. what do you think?

maybe i'll just buy these from eBay and spike them instead.

yeah that's a better plan. i think?


i've decided that i would like to be surgically, permanently sewn into this outfit. i realize bathing and swimming, and possibly sleeping might be uncomfortable at times, but who gives a fuck when you look this rad? ugh. those junya boots. could they be any sicker?

junya junya junya

over christmas at maxfield's sale i scored this amazing junya watanabe for comme des garcons top. it's this crazy coccoon top made of really stretchy thick jersey and it's all drapey. the armholes are down by the waist and everything just hangs so beautifully. mine is this weird 70s wallpaper-esque orange yellow and brown tiny floral pattern. this is the black version from the runway...i'm thinking about getting the black version now, for my johnny cash days (which are quite frequent) and also this amazing paisley version. i normally abhor all things pink, but every once in a while there is an exception. like for junya.