J.W. Anderson shirtdress via TheRealReal // vintage Levi's // Trademark slippers

Lately it seems like all the LA transplants know the city better than us natives, so this weekend I did something different for a change and went exploring. Special days call for special clothes, so I actually made a concerted effort not to wear a sloppy tshirt and put on my new favorite J.W. Anderson shirtdress (another TheRealReal miracle find) and headed out to the Stahl House, historic Case Study #22. Fun way to spend the afternoon and take in the city views.

With Mother's Day around the corner, you could try doing something new besides the usual brunch. Fill her belly and take her on a tour of a beautiful historic landmark. BOOM. Mother's Day solved. And if you're still looking for a gift, here are my picks below.


VEDA Castor vest // JW Anderson sweater // Zara linen tee // CÉLINE pants // Alexander Wang heels

The piecing together of this look with the sleeveless leather and the bodyless knit sort of equals one full top in the end - layering that for once didn't yield the usual puffed up stuffiness. I normally never tuck in my shirts but the green is so dependent on the light blue is dependent on the royal blue is dependent on the maroon of these pants so it just had to be this way. I'm not one to fight logic.


A lot of times I find online boutiques have some brands I like, but then a lot of other mehhh brands mixed in. LN-CC has a great breadth of items and is a constant source of new lines to be discovered. It's quickly becoming my favorite e-commerce site to fantasize being a millionaire at. Their selection is bullshit filler-proof, with pretty much every single item offered being something special and drool-worthy. It's gotten me really into JW Anderson's womens line...

Me! Oh oh me! I want to look like a futuristic luxury anesthesiologist!
The greatest creeper style platforms à la Damir Doma.

And good styling always makes you want to buy stuff.