Soulland sweatshirt // LNC tank // Ksubi jeans // Adidas Superstar shoes

Despite not being into graphic apparel lately, I really liked this sweatshirt because the white slub on the blue reminded me of old granite ware cookware - the kind we always had camping. The AWAY seemed to fit in with that initial theme too, bonus for chainstitching. Maybe I need to go camping?

Between this and the previous post plus free shipping worldwide, The Goodhood Store spells trouble for me. Already eyeing this, this, this, this, this, thisthis, and oh gosh this.


CÉLINE top // Ksubi jeans

For those of you who wish you had my life, all you have to do is work 9 am - 7 pm everyday and then come home and watch old episodes of Lie To Me (because you've already seen every single episode of SVU 3 times from that one time you watched it from the first episode of the first season to the last episode of the last season front to back to front again). This is about as much partying as I do. And I like it. #friday


Nomia shirt // Ksubi jeans // Super sunglasses // Birkenstocks // Issey Miyake bag

I can't stop buying up all the anything and everything I see in marble. I mean, good thing there's not a whole lot out there, but with already a coffee table, wrapping paper, mini Givenchy shark tooth and now this Nomia shirt, I'm just about near camouflage success. Oh and these glasses deserve a post of their own...


vintage Sepultura tee // vintage Wrangler denim shirt // Ksubi jeans // Timberland boots // Issey Miyake Pleats Please bag

Balenciaga muscle tee // vintage flannel // Ksubi jeans // Sigerson Morrison boots

Zara top // vintage flannel // Ksubi jeans // Timberland boots // Céline bag
top, middle photo by Bobby // bottom photo by Koo

I've been here at SXSW in Austin, TX for work since Wednesday. Somehow I've managed to be in bed 11pm every night despite all heckling and cajoling from coworkers. The days have been hot and the nights have been dark, not the best conditions for picture-taking. But thank god I'm traveling with photographers or at least running into them on the street. Here's what I'm wearing in case you're wondering. I'm a super light packer, so you'll notice yes I'm wearing repeats (that's what Febreeze is for). And thanks to the people who've said hello, sorry for the awkwardness, I'm shy.


Zara coat // J Crew cashmere sweater // Ksubi jeans // STOP IT RIGHT NOW + Brook&Lyn scarf // Sigerson Morrison boots // Loeffler Randall bag

When you take out your camera to finally catch up on an outfit post and realize you left the battery at work. Thank goodness for camera phones (and Photoshop).

And looking at these photos now, I guess this is a pretty accurate depiction of California winter wear. We're lucky, I know.


Yep. THOSE leather pants.

Can't wait for the release of this collection. Ksubi took my mild mannered baggy pants loving heart and shot it with 10,000 volts more of extra leg room lovin. First the perfectly distressed boyfriend jeans and now these saggy butt extreme tapered leathery beasts. The outline of my legs will be a thing of the past.