Supermuse jacket // Zara linen tee // vintage Levi's // Adidas Superstars

I crawl out of bed at the last possible minute every weekday morning, usually ending up in head-to-toe black (cause when you're bleary eyed there's no time for color coordinating). So on the weekends I like to sometimes put on a zoot suit. JAY KAY. Not, I repeat, not. a. zoot. suit. Back to an important topic though - why am I so preoccupied with pinstripes these days? Someone please explain. 140 characters or less. Go.


CÉLINE cardigan // Alternative Apparel shirt // vintage Levis // Vans shoes

Actually everyday is casual day at my office. This is borderline fancy for me. But I guess all it takes is insane outerwear to take jeans and tshirts to the next level. And lord knows I'm all about the insane outerwear. Is there anywhere in the world that is perpetually Spring?


Kai-aakmann sweater // Reformation silk tank // vintage Levi's // Rodebjer Redford flats

While NY suffers through a nature crisis, Southern California forgot to fork off the road into fall and is still full steam ahead into the never ending summer. Luckily at night, it's just chilly enough for light outerwear. We'll take what we can get. Tanks for day, sweaters for night. Thank you Dear Fieldbinder for my new fall staples!