Zara crepe tank // Mango leather sweatpants // Brook&Lyn necklace // Dries Van Noten boots // Loeffler Randall bag

The weather has been fickle in LA lately. All last week it was cold and overcast and then there would be a break in the clouds and intermittent sun. You have to stay on top of it though, or else you miss the warmth and the chance to go jacketless. I feel like the older I get the more bashful I am about showing skin. I'm turning into my mom? I guess I should enjoy tanks while I can.


Zara coat // J Crew cashmere sweater // Ksubi jeans // STOP IT RIGHT NOW + Brook&Lyn scarf // Sigerson Morrison boots // Loeffler Randall bag

When you take out your camera to finally catch up on an outfit post and realize you left the battery at work. Thank goodness for camera phones (and Photoshop).

And looking at these photos now, I guess this is a pretty accurate depiction of California winter wear. We're lucky, I know.


You know what's really exciting? When you look high and low for a cool iPad Mini case and can find nothing until one day you discover that your new bag comes with a separate envelope clutch (that we will say is free, you know for the sake of this narrative) that happens to magically fit the aforementioned gadget like a glove...which then fits into its own perfect little compartment inside the bag, leading one to believe that this tote was in fact specifically made for me to discreetly hijackborrow my husband's Mini.

Little surprises, small victories.


Reformation silk tee // Comme des Garcons x H&M shorts // Loeffler Randall bag // Jenni Kayne flats // Club Monaco hat // The Hundreds sunglasses

These photos were actually from a month ago, but the heat today reminded me of how sweaty I was in these shorts. When I was younger all I ever cared about was summer and tshirts and Vans. Now all I wait for is chilly weather and any chance to put on a jacket. Am I outgrowing Southern California?


As you may or may not know, I'm not much of a bag person. Mostly out of laziness. Actually, purely out of laziness. My everyday bag, the Pandora, is actually very heavy and pretty beat up now. I scratched the small minimal bag itch recently, but then out of nowhere swooped in the Editor Bag. It's from Loeffler Randall's new handbag line. The perfect convertible, chic, structured bag to round out my new Fall starting lineup. (just gotta get that snake!)