Jeremy Laing pants // Zara linen tee // Tibi heels // Mansur Gavriel large wallet // Ray Ban sunglasses

What I wore on my last day of shows at NYFW before picking up my stowed bags from the hotel, changing into my flight gear (read: sweats) and hopping on the plane back home.

I'm too much of a mood dresser to be satisfied with planned ahead outfits and too minimal a packer to take a surplus of options. More often than not I'm left sort of blah when it comes to getting fashion week ready on those mornings. Keeping in mind my usual civilian life routine of - pee, brush teeth, wash face, Somme 5 step, grab nearest comfortable clean clothes, slop on, slip into Birks, grab keys, go. Written out it seems like more but I assure you it's less than 15 min from REM to car.

Point being, I was excited when a surprise Jeremy Laing package arrived on my last night. Fresh new options and the mood was right for an easy tee and trousers look the next day. A good note to end my trip on.


Facetasm dress // Ann Demeulemeester lace up sandals // Mansur Gavriel clutch

I don't usually show so much skin, but I guess fashion week brings out the adventurous dressing spirit in me? Thank goodness the weather was mild enough to wear this dress from Facetasm, one of my favorite Japanese brands. I found it in Hong Kong at the IT outlet, a must stop. And by far, my most useful pre-fashion week purchase, this Mansur Gavriel large wallet. I wish you could see the beautiful royal blue interior. Remind me to show you.


Jen Kao vest and dress // CÉLINE sandals // Mansur Gavriel clutch

Wore Jen Kao to her show today - my favorite look of NYFW so far that is, no doubt, heavily influenced by the comfort factor. I would basically wear this every day if I could. Actually come to think of it my whole outfit is glorified house wear - essentially a nightgown and house slippers. Funny how black makes everything chicer.