Reformation sweatshirt // my grandma's skirt // Kara bag // sandals c/o Marni // RayBan sunglasses

Wore this to Rodeo (ro-day-oh not ro-dee-oh) on a spontaneous shopping excursion that has now earned me a headcold. I'd been dying for gloomy/chilly weather and when it finally hit I was grossly underprepared. Kind of nice to have a justified sludge-around-in-a-bathrobe day though.

And I dub thee Marni sandals, MANDALS. Love a good double entendre.
(also now want to go back to elementary school status and exclusively wear Velcro shoes)


available here

I'm a huge proponent of the hands free bag movement - messenger straps apply here. But all the leather backpacks I'd found, while chic, were basically glorified traditional backpacks just in leather. This Marni backpack is just the right mix of designer handbag and functional backpack with fancy hardware and smooshy leather. Form and function all in one, the rare unicorn. Thanks Marni!


Photography // Brook&Lyn
Art Direction // Brook&Lyn and STOP IT RIGHT NOW

For my inaugural shoot I knew from the get-go that I wanted to collaborate with my immensely talented friend and photographer, Brook&Lyn. She has a way of capturing light and lines in such a beautiful way. Ideal really, for the Marni pieces I styled for the shoot. The Fall 2013 collection seemed a contemporary spin on 60s glamour - structured pieces in luxe textures - almost like the wardrobe from a film. The looks were rounded out with a few more casual pieces from Pre Fall. I felt like a modern day Tippi Hedren and the quiet eeriness of the photos was just what I was hoping for.

All pieces available at Marni
8460 Melrose Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90069