Missoni Fall 2011

This is basically what I want to look like when the cold weather comes a' knockin, which I guarantee will be here before you can say wheremylongpantsat? Something about the pastel fluffiness of the clothes paired with the harsh dark red lips. Which is actually giving me major identity crisis considering I normally can't stand purple (or any member of its family) or pastels for that matter. What's happening to me? WHO AM I?? Is this what happens post-30's, post-marriage?? Did I lose my edge? F**k this, I'm gonna go gargle some razor blades and get into a barfight. *sneaks off to take a nap first*
  • Look 1: to rearrange my underwear drawer in
  • Look 2: dramatic bathroom entrance for pimple popping
  • Look 3: would match so well with all my Tums *squeal*
  • Look 4: to wear while ignoring missing people's phone calls