"Pretty Boy II"

1952 Triumph Thunderbird 650 dragster of champion drag racer Bobby Sirkegian

I wish I had one of these when I was 13. I would've zipped all around the farms and dirt roads in my neighborhood while all my friends got pregnant the summer before high school. Boozin and breedin. I'm pretty sure that was the unofficial county mantra. You weren't shit unless you had a Louis Vuitton Speedy strolled into homeroom with a toddler.


Finally got around to scanning this book I had at home. It chronicles American motorcycle racing from the 40s to the 80s with great photos. A good book to check out if you're into this sort of thing.
Below is William S. Harley (older gentleman in suit in the middle) and Bill Davidson (far right).
Above is a 1966 CRTT 250 Harley Davidson Sprint and it randomly made me think of my friend Len's bike that he built (pictured below). It just one Best Original at the Born Free Show this past weekend.


Magdalena Malibu Motoshoot. Where babes, bikes, and beaches collide. See what I did there? Yeah, I'm not amused either. I like Magdalena cause she's a total blockhead and weird looking. I like weird. I'm weird. If you're ever in southern California and you're not intimidated by the biker crowd, you should go check out Neptune's Net. The food is what you'd expect - beach food - but it's the view that's the real gem. Infamous for being a biker hangout, it's actually half chopper crowd and half street bike douchey crowd. Can you tell which I prefer? Be prepared to have the douchier side of the mix try to wow bystanders by doing continuous wheelies and various other mind-blowingly loud tricks a la Ruff Ryders, much to the annoyance of the rest of us. But in the meantime let's oogle the below...

via fashiongonerogue Vogue Germany May 2010

I can't stop obsessing over the green Prada bow clutch from 2008. I won't stop until it's in my possession! Hollaaaaa if you see one. No, seriously.

and favorite...shorts.

this looks like it could be Natalia Brilli but it's the real deal - Hermes Collier de Chien in shadow black leather. could anything be more lovely? i WANT.

who can i get to make this balloon bike for my next birthday?

ive always been really into tonal outfits - black on black, denim on denim, and of course all white. a recent, all-consuming obsession has been anything with loads of fur tails. then there's all the heavenly Givenchy SS2010 dresses. i would wear a dress everyday if it looked like this.

THEEEE McQueen shoes that everyone has gone gaga over (pun intended). if only they would put just a few pairs into production...and if only this particular pair would make it onto my feet.

images via ebay//sophy robson//style


just discovered my new obsession - Garage Company here in Los Angeles. Taken over by Yoshinobu Kosaka in 2007, they have everything from sick custom bikes to vintage motorcycle brand tees, to decals galore. Here are a few favorites...

custom Triumph Bobber

1947 Royal Enfield Bullet

Cass this one's for you, it's the Bastard Son. Any relation to Bad Mother?

oh and no big deal. the bike they custom built for Michael Schumacher for his retirement from F1, courtesy of Ferrari. whatever.

check out their site HERE !


if you aren't hip to sex savages on wheels yet, you need to remedy that situation right quick. the two baddest ladies, jen and cass, run the sickest female biker blog in town! get hip to it. well, if you're into that sort of thing. if you're not, you're missing out.

i had the honor of riding Cass's crazy new bike today, aptly named ((drumroll please)).....

that's right, my ass had the royal treatment on the croc seat...and i'm not gonna lie, i felt like one bad mother for a second. but obviously not as bad as Cass. This is her and her man Jason. Such a rad rad couple.

Stalled a million and one times, finally got a grip, felt like a motherfucking badass, hung out with their ridiculously cute daughter, Lil Iz Wolf, the baddest lil lady on the block, next to her mama, soaked in some nice late afternoon sun on their yard, conversed with really cool, down-to-earth folks, then returned to my normal hermit uncool life. all in all a perfect day.

I want to give a heartfelt thanks to Cass and Jason for letting me ride Bad Mother and making me feel so welcome. And of course a million thank you's to Jen for introducing us and for generally just being awesome.

I'm so pumped I can't wait for the Iron 883!

images via sex savages

ruby x eley kishimoto

i've always been a fan of eley kishimoto's crazy prints, but i'm very particular with wearing prints in real life. but when i saw this on a helmet, know the rest...i want it blah blah blah. it's not only the print itself, but i have a thing for perfect yellow and black color combos. when it's just right, it will never scream bumble bee or taxi cab. i think i like this maybe even more than the natalia brilli. too bad i don't have $1000+ to spare on a helmet at the moment.
i'm off to go ride now!

time machine

this is my favorite bike from the Chopper book i received as a gift. it's a 40s style Knucklehead bobber by Hank Young. i have no words. it's just too marvelous.
amazing photo quality, i know. i use this highly advanced technique of taking a photo of a photo in bad lighting with shaky hands.

Hank Young first became famous for his Flyin Pan chopper below.

mark my words, when i win the lottery i'm going to track this man down and have him build me a bike, or just charm him into letting me buy the Knucklehead. except i'm not that charming. cash it is!


my friend gave me this book today on bosozoku, japanese motorcycle gangs. hells angels are badasses in their own right, but bosozoku are next level. from their crazy "gang uniforms" to their tricked out bikes, they take their shit seriously. the female bosozoku are like japanese cholas. rad.

ural sidecar

was driving in west hollywood today and behold what i pulled right up behind. the ural sidecar! it's not the same as the sahara edition that i posted previously, but it was still pretty damn sweet. ridden to the max with THREE passengers! i guess if you're gonna have one of these, the point is to have passengers.

stylin with those helmets too.