T by Alexander Wang tshirt // Zara dress // 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket // Yohji Yamamoto Dr Martens // Givenchy bag // Margiela rings

Drive is my new favorite movie. Perfect cinematography, perfect gore, perfect romance, perfect muscle cars, perfect score, perfect casting. It just goes to show that big budgets and great products are not mutually exclusive. Vision is everything. Two emphatic thumbs up.

*few more items for sale (for cheap!): Balmain, Lanvin H&M, Rick Owens


A few weeks ago I was invited by SA Studios to the premier of Robert Rodriguez's new film, Machete, starring Danny Trejo. I'm a self-proclaimed hermit and I've said numerous times that I don't really go out, but I do make the rare exception for movies. This particular exception had Robert Rodriguez, guns, fighting, gore, and Danny Trejo all in one - how could I say no?
The entire cast (minus a certain hot mess) was there to present the film and Danny Trejo really does seem like the most genuine, sincere guy. He may play the hard-ass, villain roles well, but I hear he's the exact opposite in real life. Just goes to show, you can't judge a book by its cover.

Here he is goofing around with artist David Choe (who is so bizarre, but very nice in real life as well) in a video by SA Studios. The video covers David as he creates an original poster as a tribute to Danny and his new film, Machete.

Incidentally this is my favorite piece of David's that recently showed at the David Lazarides gallery. He has so many complex, chaotic, intricate, hyper-detailed pieces, but I love the simplicity of this one. I bet you you're smiling right now. See?


i love when you just sort of stumble into a good movie. a friend was playing The Brothers Bloom last night and i got sucked into watching it. it was pretty entertaining considering i had no expectations going in and had never heard of it. it had some people i'm really into - Adrien Brody (love that nose), Rachel Weisz (so gorgeous), and Rinko Kikuchi (Babel, duh). it's funny and light, but the best part for me was the costumes - mainly Rinko's character, Bang Bang.
Margiela blond hair coat?

asian tourist, cameras? check.

Chanel glasses?

looking great while blowing stuff up. what more could a girl want?


went to the Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen premier last night in Hollywood to support my friend. You should go watch it. Although I'm a purist when it comes to action films and sincerely abhor action movies with underlying love stories, I enjoyed this sequel more than the first one. I just don't understand why they can't make Optimus Prime's voice less douche-y. I mean, is he really Batman in disguise?

wore my new Rodarte jacket/cardigan. it's black yarn with tulle along the edges and fringe along the bottom and on the shoulders. it looks like black yarn dread locks. but the beautiful rodarte quality about it though, is the shimmery threads that go through it. hard to tell in the photos but it's really beautiful in person.

Rodarte jacket, DIY Raquel Allegra black top, RVCA jeans, YSL Studio ankle boots

i swear it doesn't look like pubic hair in real life.

on the way to the premier, spotted this minivan with spinners (rims), they looked like chrome fan blades with flames on them. stylin....not.

my friend's band performed their song after the movie.

lots of lame Hollywood types at the fancy pants after party.

i got to hang out with Tyrese for a min. He wins best dressed.

oh and Ramon Rodriguez, my friend's Halo 3 buddy. He is super duper sweet and awesome in the movie!

i'm thoroughly pooped.


i can't remember if i've mentioned this before, but i'm a purely action movie kind of girl. no romantic comedies, no kate hudson, no jennifer anniston shit, like pure pure action: guns, violence, fighting, car chases, motorcycle chases. it sometimes ruins the movie for me even if there is just a tinge of a romance sub-plot. NO. gratuitous fighting and shooting YES. apart from these kinds of movies, the only other movies that i really enjoy are of the deeply-stirring-no-expectation-make-you-feel-a-whole-damn-range-of-confusing-emotions-once-you-walk-out-of-the-theater-keep-thinking-about-it-for-days-need-to-research-the-background-story variety. case in point, i just got back from seeing "Anvil! The Story of Anvil" tonight and it easily roundhouse kicked it's way into my top movie list. i'd been planning to see this movie for months and months and was finally able to coordinate with friends and see it. i knew it was going to be pretty epic but holy shit. i can't even explain in words how good it actually was. it made me so so sad but i effing LOVED it at the same time. it's both gut-wrenchingly painful and supremely hopeful. the whole time you're thinking FUCK I NEED TO HELP THESE GUYS. and then you realize wait, who the fuck am i? but STILL, i want to help them!! it's a compound of their 80s fame, their skills, the respect from lemy, lars, slash, and scott, and their damn talent and drive that is bewildering and just makes you want to cheer them on. but the kind of people they are, that's the cake. that's what brings tears to my eyes. they're just real, honest, hard-working guys trying to realize their dream. for over 30 fucking years! they play because they just love to play. they love their band, they love to make music. there's no douchebagervancerie here.

of the original Anvil, only Robb and Lips remain + bassist since '95 Glenn Five

to you, sirs, i tip my hat.

romance is not dead, oh wait

watched Sid&Nancy for the kajillionth time again. although i do love the sex pistols, i love gary oldman even more. and whatever movie i come across that he's in, 9 times out of 10 i'll watch it. but i digress...the movie does some heavy duty romanticizing of a fucked up love story. let me just tell you i am NOT into romance - in real life and especially in movies. i'm all about guns and violence and cars flipping and gratuitous fighting. i guess i was able to watch this movie so many times because it's bitter sweet and you feel sad by the end. and then you remember how cracked out and generally screwed they are and you go, oh. but then you can't help but be moved by the amazing music and scene upon scene of badass og punk fashion.

the bottom photo is a still of my favorite scene from the movie. go figure the only romance i can stomach is kissing in front of dumpsters with garbage falling from the sky.

movie night

laundry/movie night. if you haven't checked out Cinefile in west la, you should. it's a movie rental spot for serious film buffs. sections are separated by categories, but not your Blockbuster type. from director sections to swayze and van damme sections, you can find something of interest way more efficiently.

decided to forego the typical popcorn choice in favor of something a bit lighter, but then it turned into monster cheese/sausage fest. i'm still feeling ill....on a side note, discovered a lovely new cheese, Windsor Red. it's a cheddar raclette that is infused with port and brandy, giving it the most adorable, unnatural pink color. it reminded me of the hot pink ambrosia salad from edward scissorhands. quite the delectable color.

kamikaze girls

the previous post reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Kamikaze Girls - a story about the unlikely friendship between Momoko, a Lolita-style dreamer, and Ichigo, a tough Bosozoku chick. it's based on a book and is riddled with loads of ridiculous characters like Momoko's dad (a former gangster who sells fake name brand clothes), a rockabilly dude with the craziest, unicorn-like pompadour, and gangs of rival bosozoku girls. i die every time ichigo head bunts and every time momoko's dad farts. out of control.