I've fallen off my nail game lately. Partly because I can't make the drive down to my favorite nail salon :( and also because I favor short nails when I'm busy with work. It's always been more fun for me to go wild with designs when my nails are long. So in the meantime I just try to keep up with nail care. I have a love/hate relationship with my cuticles you see. But lately it's more love now that I have the 24:45 uka nail oil. I can't wait to try all the others.


Over exaggerated (more than the usual) hand gesturing and too many broken nails meant I had no choice but to chop and start fresh. That and my friend thought they were acrylics the whole time :(

so unbelievably windy the other day. was in a cab on the way home and a giant, massive tree got blown over and came crashing down on the Prius in front of us, knocking its entire back window out. my friend made an interesting observation - how ironic that the car that is supposed to be the most environmentally-friendly, just got its ass kicked by Mother Nature? anyhow, i stayed indoors for fear of Mother Nature's retribution on my probably horrid carbon footprint and redid my nails. had the pink Calgel base and the stones applied by my go-to nail technician the day before and then painted on all the swallows myself. i'm just way too nit picky to trust tiny art to anyone else. at least if it sucks i can blame myself. can you tell what my inspiration was?

**i don't mind if you use my photos but please be sure to photo/blog credit**

And here are the results of the giveaway!left to right: nuvonova, woolgatheringandmisc, anna g, km, ninja


(I hope your mama loves the dress)

Thank you to everyone for all your great comments! I really appreciate all of them and wish i had thirty dresses to give away. the "blogosphere" (gag) is such a bizarre world, it's easy to get swept up into popularity contests and thinking that you have to be a certain way or have a certain look or like what everyone else likes. to be honest with you, i started this blog out of sheer boredom and really had no idea what i was doing. then at one point i started to get bored of the blog too. i thought about stopping because it had become stupid to me and, frankly, i felt silly; but then in an attempt to make it interesting and fun to me again, i started going back to the basics, just doing what i like. i started it for me and i will continue to do it just for me. the way i look at it is, i'm just talking to myself and throwing my thoughts, likes and even dislikes out into empty space, where if somewhere along the way you should overhear or see them and find yourself chuckling, great. you can agree with me wholeheartedly or disagree with my vehemently, that's your prerogative. the message is this, let's just all continue to be true to ourselves.

god i hate being so serious and sappy...i promise to keep it to a minimum ;)