Nomia FW14

I'm sure at some point before next season I'll get to my top picks of NYFW (or will I?), but for now I'll just skip right to my favorite. Nomia's FW14 collection is the perfect modern interpretation of the nineties. It's as if all the best style notes of the nineties grew up and matured with me. And who knew baby blue, pink, copper, navy, and forest could look so harmonious together? Feels like a home coming. Now where am I going to wear that fringe tshirt dress to??


I am a Nomia girl. There's no question. When people ask who's your favorite designer? There are so many, but always for selective seasons and only certain items. It's like music, where I generally like a few songs, rarely an entire album. But then there's always the odd album like Violent Femmes and the odd brand like Nomia, that just. get. me. For tomboy girls who aren't anti-feminine, we just need it in our own relaxed, easy way.


Nomia x Nate Lowman jacket // Zara linen tee and shorts // Yohji Yamamoto Dr Marten boots

I always maintain that fashion is art, but in this case it couldn't be more literal. Intricate embroideries of artist Nate Lowman's works, including an actual fortune cookie message he got. There have been tons of artist x fashion house collaborations, but this from Nomia is by far one of my favorite executions. Quite literally art you wear.


Nomia shirt // Ksubi jeans // Super sunglasses // Birkenstocks // Issey Miyake bag

I can't stop buying up all the anything and everything I see in marble. I mean, good thing there's not a whole lot out there, but with already a coffee table, wrapping paper, mini Givenchy shark tooth and now this Nomia shirt, I'm just about near camouflage success. Oh and these glasses deserve a post of their own...