Dion Lee reflective knit shirt // VEDA Jayne Jacket // Adam Lippes trousers // Mansur Gavriel clutch // Acne Studios scarf

ASOS sweater dress // Céline coat // Vans Sk8-Hi // Céline Trio bag // Acne Studios scarf

Coach shearling coat // RVCA jeans // Acne Studios boots // Kelly Wearstler scarf

Céline sweater // VEDA Jayne Jacket // Wacko Maria trousers // Mansur Gavriel clutch // Acne Studios scarf

Remembering how cold it was in NY this past February (and how nice it was to finally wear coats).



throwback to last NYFW

Fashion season is approaching and I'm so glad this isn't the snowy one. Excuse me while I brace myself for the madness. jk I just eat Starbucks protein boxes in my hotel room alone. I MEAN JK MEETINGS ALL DAY.

 Oh and I answered a few questions for My Chameleon. You can read it here.


A bit late in the game, but it is technically still fashion month so here we go!

Creatures of Comfort
The vibe of the look on the left just oozes cool. Basically the only thing you ever want to ooze, nawmean? And the color combo on the right is the most perfect grouping I have ever seen and never thought of. Not one color is repeated and it makes. so. much. sense.

Calvin Klein Collection
First off, those boots. Second and thirdly, those boots. Seriously you guys, time to get some more-hole Docs and thrift all the long sweaters out there. What an unexpected direction for CKC - all those knits and textures and grungey goodness. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than last Fall (which I now have a piece of but more on that later).

Proenza Schouler
I don't even know what's going on with all these prints. What I do know is that I want to jump into all of them, like poltergeist-into-the-TV style but with all the joy (not terror). And I'm glad to see that the longer length coats are here to stay.

What can I say, I love me some Scandi design. Rodebjer just knows how to strike that perfect note of dressy casual. A crisp white shirt and leather trousers, but done in the most undone relaxed way. And the thing that looks like it was pulled out of a drain but I still inexplicably want to wrap around my face? That's what you call Scandi magic.

One of the shows I was most curious to see after the drop of the Theyskens name. A bit less flair than the usual Theyskens shows, but just enough to hint at his presence behind the scenes, still directing the classic brand. Transparent layering twist on an otherwise classic business silhouette and a full blown weird ruffly vest situation (technical terms) that I will be stalking the release of.

The Row
No words. Well besides "no words" there are actually no other words. Besides maybe, "Mary Kate and Ashley, how about a personal order?"

The crossover-scarf-as-shirt styling that spawned a thousand Instagrams. Now you know what to do when there are no clean shirts. The whole trompe l'oeil shirt-tied-around-waist-but-not-actually-a-separate-shirt thing has been done for a few seasons, but the top left look with the same fabric almost making it a twofer (look it up), is just. so. fresh. Or maybe it actually is two pieces and in that case please strike from the record what do I know anyway? Well actually, I do know that I will be emulating that bottom right look because ASIAN. *claps dust off hands and walks away proudly* (everyone confused)

...Maybe I will or maybe I won't get to the other city show recaps...



1 // The Cut
5 // Vogue

A few of my fashion week looks in street style shots. Outfit details below:

Look 1: ASOS boiler suit, Balenciaga jacket, Miu Miu boots, Céline trio bag
Look 2/3: Céline jumper, Ksubi jeans, vintage Wrangler shirt, Acne scarf, Mansur Gavriel clutch
Look 4: MSGM coat, Céline turtleneck, Altamont jeans, Dries Van Noten boots, Céline trio bag
Look 5: Céline jacket, J Crew sweater, J Brand jeans, Adidas shoes, Mansur Gavriel clutch


1 // view from my room at Tribeca Grand
2 // Acne scarf prep before heading to NY
3 // snowmageddon weather = close toed shoes
4 // best color combos at Creatures of Comfort
5 // deceptive windowscape while thawing
6 // double faced cashmere is the way to go
7 // Helmut Lang runway show vantage point
8 // Adidas high tops for trudging through snow
9 // say hello to the street style photographers

Another snowy February, another Fashion Week. While September's NYFW season brings out all the dresses and sandals, with February comes the strong coat game and necessity for ankle coverage. Snow is beautiful yes, with it's soft fluff blanketing the streets (and tree branches and mailboxes and tables and bicycle seats and basically everything else outside), but it makes not for fun dressing. I mostly just threw on as many layers as possible and ran back to the hotel with every break I had. Room service and bathrobes won over press events and parties. Pro tip - Tribeca Grand has the best #glutenfreecardamomcakes. While I'll miss the in-room dining dessert options and turn down service chocolates, I'm glad to be back home in the land of warmth and one layer bottoms. Next up, a mash up of my NYFW looks. Bet you can't wait! (all 5 of you)

See more about my NYFW experience on Grand Life here and here.


Dr. Jart+ skincare back stage at Richard Chai Fall 2014

New York Fashion Week!!! Snow!!! (insert sad chapped face). My first show of the week was Richard Chai, to which I was invited backstage by Dr. Jart+. The look of the show was clean fresh faces, so the models were skin-prepped with Dr. Jart+ products before hitting the makeup chairs. I'm not gonna lie, while walking around and observing, I snuck a few drops of creams here and there. I'm most excited about the super moisturizing Ceramidin products (cream for me) that, bonus, smell really fresh. I also snuck a Water-Full Hydrogel Mask for myself and have been saving it for the last night of NYFW when I'm really going to be savor it most. Dry, chapped skin be gone!

Dr. Jart+ will generously be giving out a skincare package to one lucky reader. You'll get Ceramidin Liquid and Ceramidin Cream, plus a BB Cream and two masks. Just "like" the Facebook page here and enter your email. Easy!

Sponsored post with Dr. Jart+


Jeremy Laing pants // Zara linen tee // Tibi heels // Mansur Gavriel large wallet // Ray Ban sunglasses

What I wore on my last day of shows at NYFW before picking up my stowed bags from the hotel, changing into my flight gear (read: sweats) and hopping on the plane back home.

I'm too much of a mood dresser to be satisfied with planned ahead outfits and too minimal a packer to take a surplus of options. More often than not I'm left sort of blah when it comes to getting fashion week ready on those mornings. Keeping in mind my usual civilian life routine of - pee, brush teeth, wash face, Somme 5 step, grab nearest comfortable clean clothes, slop on, slip into Birks, grab keys, go. Written out it seems like more but I assure you it's less than 15 min from REM to car.

Point being, I was excited when a surprise Jeremy Laing package arrived on my last night. Fresh new options and the mood was right for an easy tee and trousers look the next day. A good note to end my trip on.


me outside the Jeremy Laing show // ph by Le 21ème

As evidenced by this precious jacket (cardigan?) of mine, I am obsessed with all things woven. Whether mid century wall hangings or rare runway pieces, my greed knows no bounds. I want it all. If there's a party in the warp and a party in the weft, I'm there. So when I saw the Proenza Schouler show,  it was like those clutches were speaking directly to me. Pssst. Hey. Hi. Me and you, come spring?
And let us not forget the hardware of the sleeker, minimal pieces that balanced out all the shag. Great hardware will get you far in my book. Right up there with great shoes (no mysteries here). That aforementioned tailspin? Case. in. point.


NYFW had two stand out shows for me. The first one, Theyskens Theory, in the category of most realistically inspiring. Don't get me wrong, I'm just as susceptible to the obsessive tailspins that shows induce when crazy runway pieces come out. The IT fill in the blank next must have item (see next post). But I also love when shows inspire me to wear things differently and try new silhouettes, not just individual pieces. So the moment the Theyskens Theory looks escalated to four layers (see top left photo), I was sold. Definitely a look I'll be emulating (once I accumulate enough silky slips). I wouldn't mind that long leather jacket though. I'm your huckleberry.


Facetasm dress // Ann Demeulemeester lace up sandals // Mansur Gavriel clutch

I don't usually show so much skin, but I guess fashion week brings out the adventurous dressing spirit in me? Thank goodness the weather was mild enough to wear this dress from Facetasm, one of my favorite Japanese brands. I found it in Hong Kong at the IT outlet, a must stop. And by far, my most useful pre-fashion week purchase, this Mansur Gavriel large wallet. I wish you could see the beautiful royal blue interior. Remind me to show you.


photos by Morgan O'Donovan

Last fashion week when I visited Jen Kao's studio we had so much fun we decided to do it again. While the previous season's blizzard had us trapped indoors, this time around Morgan and I were able to shoot a few looks outside. The weather has been a godsend. Dare I say even better than California.

My favorites were a shift dress (in the same fabric as the last shot) and the look I wore to the show, but after Instagram-ing runway shots, the people's choice seems to be the platforms. I do not disagree. The world needs more strong side profile shoes.


1. Tibi heels, Burberry Prorsum boots, Ann Demeulemeester lace up sandals
2. Somme Institute skincare program, Creme de La Mer, Rodin Olio Lusso

Currently in New York and the weather couldn't be more hospitable. I did a little NYFW preview on the Grand Life Hotels site, discussing how I pack and what I'm anticipating this time around. Read the article here and follow me on Instagram @STOPITRIGHTNOW for my play-by-play of fashion week.

Side note - that Somme kit has traveled to Hong Kong, San Francisco, and now New York with me. I neither mind the 5 steps nor the non-travel size, it's that good.


Now that I've been home for a while and sufficiently gotten the mania of being in the thick of NYFW out of my shocked system, I can finally reflect back fondly on the shows I had seen.

Not gonna lie. The show was super long. Forty four looks? (don't quote me on that) A few of the looks could have been left out, but basically the rest of the forty or so looks could feel free to get on my body right now (while we still have some chill). Oddly enough one of my favorite looks was the below dress. Who am I becoming? A lady you dare say?! Well to balance it out, another look I favor...straight up androgyny.

Although I've never met Amy Smilovic of Tibi personally, I'm going to believe in my mind that she made these shorts JUST. FOR. ME. And no one can tell me otherwise.

What's going on with me and dresses?? I let out a gasp (that may or may not have annoyed the back neck of Doutzen Kroes who sat in front of my dodging head) when this cocoon-shaped confusion of a dress walked past. But as usual, it is just my affinity for quilted things. And all was good in the world. But quilted pants? Please excuse me while I attempt to control myself...
Dear Olivier. All the pants. Size 6. Please. Kthanksbye.

And although I was disappointed to miss the Calvin Klein Collection show, the internet was there for me as always and showed me all the things I missed, as I sat in pajamas, unshowered. (I'm VIP in my house ok?) It's probably for the better though. Had I, in real time, spotted these gigantic oversized web belts cinching the balloon shape pants I do so favor now, I cannot say what might have transpired. This is maybe the one Fall item I will for sure be stalking some unfortunate PR professional for. My advanced apologies.


Acne leather jacket // Target hoodie // CÉLINE shirt, pants, loafers // Saint Laurent bag


Last look of NYFW, promise! Really cheating on the outfit posts here. When you travel alone it's hard to get outfit shots in, unless you're comfortable with accosting random passersby or bellhops (which I'm not). Luckily this trip I was able to rely on the kindness of street style photographers. By this day, all I cared about was being comfortable and dry, which sort of half explains my crazy hip hop fashion lady look. The other half is well, I don't know. Just general weirdness?

***UPDATE: I'm so glad someone asked if there is a trick to keeping the belt on moto jackets from sliding around! My friend taught me to use black binder clips to hold the belt in place and then you remove the silver handles. You can sort of make out the clip in the above photos, just after the front belt loop. Works like a charm!


Calvin Klein Collection coat and trousers // Jen Kao FW13 jacket // Prabal Gurung Linda Farrow sunglasses // Saint Laurent bag // Altuzarra boots

image source

Found a better view of my look from a view posts back. I wore this to the Jen Kao show. The indigo jacket (worn under the coat) is from Jen Kao's FW13 collection that just showed. I can't wait to get my hands on the black leather version.

I was most bummed to miss the Calvin Klein Collection show today, but these pieces more than made up for it. I really have a knack for turning beautiful runway pieces into frumpy bag lady chic no? It's my hidden fashion talent I guess. LET ME LIVE.


CÉLINE coat // vintage quilted thermal // MNG leather track pants // Adidas shell toes // Saint Laurent bag // Ray Ban sunglasses

top image by Phil Oh for Vogue.com // bottom image Tommy Ton for Jak & Jil

This coat finally made its debut after a snowy first couple days. When there was finally a break in the weather, it was time. These were taken after the Jeremy Laing show. By that point after all the slush and wind, I just wanted to be comfortable, so the rest of the look was offset with leather track pants and my trusty Adidas shell toes, that are sadly no longer gleaming white. A shoe bath is in order.


Calvin Klein Collection coat and pants // Zara cashmere shirt // Uniqlo Heat Tech undershirt // Altuzarra boots

I've told you before what a minimal packer I am right? I don't know what's going on with me these days and my memory. Also I don't know what's going on with my packing for this trip. It was the strangest mess of inappropriate shoes and not warm at all coats. Or rather, "coats" I should say.

Thank goodness the kind people at Calvin Klein Collection came to my rescue. Sad to be missing the show since I have to fly back home and get back to work. But happy to at least wear the beautiful clothes. This jacket basically saved me on a very cold and snowy day. And don't even get me started on these pants. Shorts? Pants? Culottes? Just billowy wide leg tapered leathery goodness. There is an insane white runway pair that I will save for another post.


Recognize these looks?? More behind the scenes from Jen Kao's studio, shot by Morgan O'Donovan, this time with actual runways looks. This is actually a pretty accurate cross section of the different textures represented in the show - Japanese patchwork-esque indigo, metallic leather, and dominatrix pleather. Really I mean, it would take something like this to get me into a dress.

If only I could bypass summer and head straight to fall. Maybe a trip to Australia is in order. Do people do that? Chase colder seasons?


photos via

Did I tell you or did I tell you... All about that top left jacket. Dress, jacket, overcoat, so many possibilities. And that silver tracksuit. You could technically wear it separately to make it less crazy, but why would you do that? We are all about the crazy here yezno? That spotted mink you just really have to see in person. And grope touch (no judgment). And once you spend ONE snowy day in NY, all you will look at is floor length coats. Trust me.

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Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Jen Kao's studio and shot some behind the scenes of show prep. It was crazy, but well worth it in the end. While Jen and the team went over final details, I had a chance to shoot some of the FW13 pieces with amazing fashion photographer, Morgan O'Donovan.
The jacket in this last photo is what I wore to the show today. There is a black leather version that has my name all over it come next Fall. So many pieces I wish I could just fly home to LA wearing.

Show recap in a bit!

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