1 // the LA set at Santa Monica beach
2 // the interactive camera for my part
3 // part of NY's cityscape at the launch
4 // LA's cityscape at the launch
5 // our final LA scene
6 // goofing in the makeup trailer with Jazzi
7 // my favorite piece from the collection

Earlier in the month I had an opportunity to shoot for the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection. To celebrate the launch they stitched together a huge interactive "cityscape" to debut during NYFW. More than just a panoramic photo, the enormous LED wall was interactive. If you stood in front of me, I would take a picture that would appear further down the wall at the Dallas drive-in scene. Super innovative! Here are some behind the scenes of our LA shoot. You can check out coverage of the launch here. Did anyone get anything from the collection?


vintage tee // vintage Levi's // 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket // CÉLINE Trio bag // Jenni Kayne D'Orsay flats // Ray Ban sunglasses

Some day there will be a day when I won't complain anymore - about too much work, about too little time, about being so tired, about not knowing what to eat - but until then, here are some photos from a month ago to distract us. It was windy and I went to go see dinosaurs. You can do that sort of thing on your birthday.

And yes, I listen to Iron Maiden. Relax anons.


I generally don't plan for or even dress for seasons, but this Fall I'm inexplicably (not really) obsessed with finding as many jumpsuits in as many textures as possible and the perfect pair of leather overalls. Neither of which have any shred of practicality for the mild Los Angeles "winters" but both of which would make me so happy (and even more masculine). yay!


3.1 Phillip lim jacket // H&M dress // Versace sunglasses // Balenciaga boots // Givenchy bag

The great thing about California is that there are all these little pockets of visual variances just a few hours drive away. I chalk it up to the weather being friendly and attracting all kinds of cultures who set up shop here. Solvang is one of my favorite random spots in this great state that never fails to make me feel like a kid again. It's kind of like a Danish Disneyland for adults. Grab a pretzel, look at some porcelain tchotchkes, and be back home in time for dinner. Perfect for a quick holiday trip.

Side note: that last photo was taken with an iPhone. Kinda nice if I do say so myself. As bad as I can get at blogging regularly, I kind of rule at updating my Instagram. Sad for my personal life, but good for you guys if you need a quick peak here and there. I'm @stopitrightnow, duh.

Also, HOLY SHIT I'M WEARING A DRESS. Take it in, I know.


Cryptic title huh? It's my revenge on all of you who ROFL, LMFAO, and IDK, IRL to me. I can't hang with all these acronyms. ROFL? Right Out of Left Field? Oh wait, that's ROLF...seeee?? Well I guess mine isn't all that difficult to decipher considering all the tweeting and blogging and general PR buzz that went on leading up to Fashion's Night Out. I attended the 3.1 Phillip Lim event at his Los Angeles boutique on Friday night to support my friend, artist James Jean. James was commissioned to do portraits of 20 of Los Angeles' most buzzworthy wearing Lim's new collection.

The spike-lined walls look treacherous to navigate around, but they're actually not. Perhaps even good to rub your back against according to Bobby. Massage anyone?
Look it's Huy! Hi Huy! Hi Oscar! Both were wearing Phillip Lim jackets that I wanted to steal.
L: Devandra Banhart / R: Lily Aldridge
L: Rachel Bilson / R: Samantha Traina
Rashida Jones
and my personal favorite: Selma Blair. Good thing my friend bought this one. I can go oogle it more at his house whenever I want.
Hi bud.
above images all via thehundreds

Weird eyes and sour faces. Oh look, there's Pixel Man.
High-fives for everyone!
Why hello. Remember my portrait? It's in James' latest Process Recess 3.