photography Jedd Cooney

I met some great people while I was in Sydney last month and I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon shooting with one. Jedd's shot for Oyster and Desillusion, some of my favorite magazines. Lots of great work coming out of Australia. I'm no model, but thanks for makin me look semi cleaned up Jedd! Check out his site here and follow him on Instagram here

And thank you Acne, Bassike, and Supply Store for letting me style my dream looks!


1 // the LA set at Santa Monica beach
2 // the interactive camera for my part
3 // part of NY's cityscape at the launch
4 // LA's cityscape at the launch
5 // our final LA scene
6 // goofing in the makeup trailer with Jazzi
7 // my favorite piece from the collection

Earlier in the month I had an opportunity to shoot for the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection. To celebrate the launch they stitched together a huge interactive "cityscape" to debut during NYFW. More than just a panoramic photo, the enormous LED wall was interactive. If you stood in front of me, I would take a picture that would appear further down the wall at the Dallas drive-in scene. Super innovative! Here are some behind the scenes of our LA shoot. You can check out coverage of the launch here. Did anyone get anything from the collection?