Prada, Spring 1997
Photographer: Glen Luchford
Model: Amber Valletta

This will forever remain one of my most favorite campaign images.


Magdalena Malibu Motoshoot. Where babes, bikes, and beaches collide. See what I did there? Yeah, I'm not amused either. I like Magdalena cause she's a total blockhead and weird looking. I like weird. I'm weird. If you're ever in southern California and you're not intimidated by the biker crowd, you should go check out Neptune's Net. The food is what you'd expect - beach food - but it's the view that's the real gem. Infamous for being a biker hangout, it's actually half chopper crowd and half street bike douchey crowd. Can you tell which I prefer? Be prepared to have the douchier side of the mix try to wow bystanders by doing continuous wheelies and various other mind-blowingly loud tricks a la Ruff Ryders, much to the annoyance of the rest of us. But in the meantime let's oogle the below...

via fashiongonerogue Vogue Germany May 2010

I can't stop obsessing over the green Prada bow clutch from 2008. I won't stop until it's in my possession! Hollaaaaa if you see one. No, seriously.

and these...are...my favorite...shorts.


i'm sure there are all kinds of sentiments for girls regarding foot size. some wish their tiny feet were more substantial and some wish their gigantic feet were more dainty. i just wish mine were the same size as one another. the left is a whole half size larger than the right, which gives me a good range to fiddle with when purchasing shoes, but always leaves me with one fitting right and the other not so much. the pro to the general size of my feet, though, is that i have the option of also wearing men's shoes. which is killer because when i'm not wearing crazy stilt-like heels, my go-to shoes are vans (preferably some sort of black murdered-out combo). i have yet to find a good pair of brogues that i like but theeeeeeese men's pradas i could definitely go for. could being the operative word here, meaning if i actually could afford to.
how many teeth would i have to knock out for a shoe fairy to deliver these under my pillow?