Emerson Fry coat // A.L.C. tank and bag // J Brand jeans // Adidas shoes // Ray Ban sunglasses

This is actually my favorite blink-and-you-might-miss-it weather period of LA. Just about a week that hovers in the high 60s between "winter" and "spring" (quotations emphasizing our lack of actual seasons) - perfect for tshirt and jeans and a light jacket. This Emerson Fry coat falls into the ideal Spring outerwear category offering just a tiny bit of extra warmth with bonus points for making it look like you tried when really you're just wearing those same jeans + Adidas for the umpteenth time. I am, if nothing else, an illusionist.


Reformation sweatshirt // my grandma's skirt // Kara bag // sandals c/o Marni // RayBan sunglasses

Wore this to Rodeo (ro-day-oh not ro-dee-oh) on a spontaneous shopping excursion that has now earned me a headcold. I'd been dying for gloomy/chilly weather and when it finally hit I was grossly underprepared. Kind of nice to have a justified sludge-around-in-a-bathrobe day though.

And I dub thee Marni sandals, MANDALS. Love a good double entendre.
(also now want to go back to elementary school status and exclusively wear Velcro shoes)


Jeremy Laing pants // Zara linen tee // Tibi heels // Mansur Gavriel large wallet // Ray Ban sunglasses

What I wore on my last day of shows at NYFW before picking up my stowed bags from the hotel, changing into my flight gear (read: sweats) and hopping on the plane back home.

I'm too much of a mood dresser to be satisfied with planned ahead outfits and too minimal a packer to take a surplus of options. More often than not I'm left sort of blah when it comes to getting fashion week ready on those mornings. Keeping in mind my usual civilian life routine of - pee, brush teeth, wash face, Somme 5 step, grab nearest comfortable clean clothes, slop on, slip into Birks, grab keys, go. Written out it seems like more but I assure you it's less than 15 min from REM to car.

Point being, I was excited when a surprise Jeremy Laing package arrived on my last night. Fresh new options and the mood was right for an easy tee and trousers look the next day. A good note to end my trip on.


Four out of five workdays I wear a tshirt and some sort of comfy pants. One out of those four days is a borderline sweatpant pajama variation. So I'm thankful for pants like these that trick my body into thinking they're sweatpants, but I can look down and breathe a sigh of proper work attire relief that they are indeed leather. Heck I'm practically dressed up! And especially in this sweaty knee pit weather we've been experiencing, stretchy loose leather is a godsend.


top: Ray Bans // bottom: Oliver Goldsmith

Before I left for New York, I was so relieved to have finally gotten some new sunglasses. As an Asian, it's really hard to just casually find glasses anywhere. I know some people who don't care, but I personally don't like floating glasses syndrome (no nose contact). I sort of resigned myself to forever wearing wire rim glasses because at least the nose pads are adjustable. Imagine my surprise when David at Leonard Opticians custom fit a pair of glasses for me and now I finally have a pair of cat eyes. I thought the Ray Bans fit fine, but he tweaked those perfectly as well. What a difference going to an actual optician makes rather than some fashion eyewear store. If you're in LA you should check out their new location.

Fashiony things afoot! Stay tuned!

(or watch SVU and eat chips for me)