Reformation sweatshirt // my grandma's skirt // Kara bag // sandals c/o Marni // RayBan sunglasses

Wore this to Rodeo (ro-day-oh not ro-dee-oh) on a spontaneous shopping excursion that has now earned me a headcold. I'd been dying for gloomy/chilly weather and when it finally hit I was grossly underprepared. Kind of nice to have a justified sludge-around-in-a-bathrobe day though.

And I dub thee Marni sandals, MANDALS. Love a good double entendre.
(also now want to go back to elementary school status and exclusively wear Velcro shoes)


Kai-aakmann sweater // Reformation silk tank // vintage Levi's // Rodebjer Redford flats

While NY suffers through a nature crisis, Southern California forgot to fork off the road into fall and is still full steam ahead into the never ending summer. Luckily at night, it's just chilly enough for light outerwear. We'll take what we can get. Tanks for day, sweaters for night. Thank you Dear Fieldbinder for my new fall staples!


Reformation tank // Zara pants // Balenciaga boots // CÉLINE bracelet

I don't know if it's the perfectionist in me or the creative in me that strives for a certain aesthetic level in the things I put out - be it my real life work or these here blog posts. Isn't it natural to keep wanting to progress? Well I fell into this cycle of pushing myself to do better and better posts and so would only publish outfits or photography that seemed worthwhile. The truth is, I dress the same most days so that boring repetition seemed to serve progressively less and less a purpose here. But I had to remind myself that this is for me. I'm not trying to impress anyone. The more I approached it as a project to overcome, the more it felt like a job. It's always been an accurate representation of me, but lately the more polished parts. I'm just going to take it back to a more balanced peek into my life. Boring days and all.

90% all black days. 100% Pom days.