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In my never ending pursuit of the perfect knock-around nonblack boot, I think I've finally found a winner. While my feet aren't small for a woman, they're right on the border of sharing in mens sizes - sometimes fitting, sometimes not. Hoping these run small...


Can we just discuss this truly STOP IT RIGHT NOW moment? Aesthetically I love them. So retro and perfect in black and white, instead of getting kiddy with a bunch of unnecessary colors. But the craziest price tag for what they actually are. I hope people do buy these, but I hope those people are gajillionaires, or at the very least bajillionaires. (Can I borrow them?)

Thoughts, PLEASE.


images via WWD

Speaking of androgyny...how about this men's (let's just refer to it as Jayne's) collection from Hedi? Though I've been favoring minimal classic looks when I actually put an effort into what I wear, on the day to day, I still end up sloppy more often than not. The top one is the obvi choice for most, but the last one is definitely my favorite. In my weird OCD particular aesthetic meter, that shade of brown worn with the black jeans, with that shadow plaid, and the dotted white fur coat...TEN.


Acne leather jacket // Target hoodie // CÉLINE shirt, pants, loafers // Saint Laurent bag


Last look of NYFW, promise! Really cheating on the outfit posts here. When you travel alone it's hard to get outfit shots in, unless you're comfortable with accosting random passersby or bellhops (which I'm not). Luckily this trip I was able to rely on the kindness of street style photographers. By this day, all I cared about was being comfortable and dry, which sort of half explains my crazy hip hop fashion lady look. The other half is well, I don't know. Just general weirdness?

***UPDATE: I'm so glad someone asked if there is a trick to keeping the belt on moto jackets from sliding around! My friend taught me to use black binder clips to hold the belt in place and then you remove the silver handles. You can sort of make out the clip in the above photos, just after the front belt loop. Works like a charm!


Calvin Klein Collection coat and trousers // Jen Kao FW13 jacket // Prabal Gurung Linda Farrow sunglasses // Saint Laurent bag // Altuzarra boots

image source

Found a better view of my look from a view posts back. I wore this to the Jen Kao show. The indigo jacket (worn under the coat) is from Jen Kao's FW13 collection that just showed. I can't wait to get my hands on the black leather version.

I was most bummed to miss the Calvin Klein Collection show today, but these pieces more than made up for it. I really have a knack for turning beautiful runway pieces into frumpy bag lady chic no? It's my hidden fashion talent I guess. LET ME LIVE.


CÉLINE coat // vintage quilted thermal // MNG leather track pants // Adidas shell toes // Saint Laurent bag // Ray Ban sunglasses

top image by Phil Oh for Vogue.com // bottom image Tommy Ton for Jak & Jil

This coat finally made its debut after a snowy first couple days. When there was finally a break in the weather, it was time. These were taken after the Jeremy Laing show. By that point after all the slush and wind, I just wanted to be comfortable, so the rest of the look was offset with leather track pants and my trusty Adidas shell toes, that are sadly no longer gleaming white. A shoe bath is in order.