I seem to be going through a heavy jewelry phase. What feels like the first in a long time. You might recall I went nuts over a certain ginormous shark tooth, but since then have been pretty minimal (read: lazy) with accessories. I guess since my recent collaboration I've been motivated to wear more jewelry, and with wearing more jewelry comes buying more jewelry. So far just the Dior pearls, but luckily this ear cuff came earlier than expected and now I think I am satisfied. For 2013 at least...only 30 more days, crazy!


Now I know I'm definitely going through something. I've never been so into jewelry and skirts/dresses as I am these days. Maybe it's just a phase. But before it passes maybe I can sneak in this ear cuff. I haven't been into the ear cuff trend because crystals aren't really my thing, but this is just casually perfect. Plus it's 24K gold plated sterling silver, which is ideal for sensitive ears like mine. Get it here.


Stine Goya sweater // GAP plaid flannel skirt // Opening Ceremony buckle wedges // Givenchy Pandora bag

Pixelman and I went on an uncharacteristically bourgeois date at the new Gold Class Cinema in Pasadena. I've been to a theater like this before in Thailand, where you have your own fancy squishy reclining couch and a table for food and drinks and even blanket service, but it didn't cost anywhere even near this place. Don't get me wrong, it is nice and way more luxurious than a regular theater, but really only worth it if you're actually going to take advantage of the food menu and eat-while-you-watch experience.
While we were waiting outside, I was practicing how to cross my eyes à la Pixelman. He does this thing where he only crosses one eye inward and the other stays forward. Qualities to cherish in your mate #eyeballautonomy

And thank you Espen for this sketch. (from this post)