Magdalena Malibu Motoshoot. Where babes, bikes, and beaches collide. See what I did there? Yeah, I'm not amused either. I like Magdalena cause she's a total blockhead and weird looking. I like weird. I'm weird. If you're ever in southern California and you're not intimidated by the biker crowd, you should go check out Neptune's Net. The food is what you'd expect - beach food - but it's the view that's the real gem. Infamous for being a biker hangout, it's actually half chopper crowd and half street bike douchey crowd. Can you tell which I prefer? Be prepared to have the douchier side of the mix try to wow bystanders by doing continuous wheelies and various other mind-blowingly loud tricks a la Ruff Ryders, much to the annoyance of the rest of us. But in the meantime let's oogle the below...

via fashiongonerogue Vogue Germany May 2010

I can't stop obsessing over the green Prada bow clutch from 2008. I won't stop until it's in my possession! Hollaaaaa if you see one. No, seriously.

and favorite...shorts.


absolutely fanatically dramatically spasmatically obsessed with the Chanel bulb heels. i have been beyond retarded in love with the black velvet/gold platform ones pictured below. if anyone spots these for sale, do let me know and i will be forever indebted to you. seriously.

photo via icanteachyouhowtodoit

and this mat from Supreme is calling my name. well, more like shouting.