Black leather jackets are the clothing equivalent to black leather boots. Even the slightest variation can make you add another to your collection. A couple years ago I went through an insane search for semi affordable leather jackets (sorry, no Balenciaga's here). I started with the most classic Schott, but they were always too boxy for me. So instead I wound up with every other variation - oversized, cropped, quilted, minimal. And now that The Line created this slightly more modern, tailored version of Schott's classic Perfecto, I am a happy camper. No more leather jackets for me.



So excited to see the feature on artist Do Ho Suh on The Line. I've loved his work since seeing it at LACMA a few years ago, and I quite literally stumbled into his enormous Home within Home within Home within Home within Home earlier this year while at the MMCA in Seoul. Few things in life take my breath away like huge scale, intricate artworks. Read the piece here (and check out my favorite toilet piece).


The older I've gotten, the more I've fine-tuned my skincare regimen. It's pretty much down to the Somme 5-step program and Rodin Olio Lusso at night with sometimes Crème de la Mer thrown in the mix on especially dry days (and of course loads of different masks which are an entire post on their own). But Olio Lusso is just one of those products that feels less a necessity and more like an extra luxury for my skin. It just feels and smells so good after (and that's coming from someone who's really sensitive to scents). An investment yes, but I swear, that one little bottle will last you forever.

Makes it feel extra special when it's the brain child of a cool lady like Linda Rodin. I mean look at her in those Acne boots! Reading about how her oils came about so organically make me feel like I made the right decision. Check it out at The Line.