I got my first pair of Vans in the 7th grade - 1977 or something (jk but close) - blue and white Sk8-Hi's from the outlet in Corona. That exact same pair/colorway still exists and I still wear them regularly (new pair, my feet have grown since). The beauty of Vans is that the more beat up they get, the better they are, and just when they're on their last dying breath, you just cycle into a fresh new pair, as evidenced by the first image. Check out my holiday guest edit here.

photos by YY


Chanel coat // Nasty Gal muscle tee // RVCA jeans // Blends x Vans old skool low

From a few weeks ago during NYFW. Luckily the temperatures dropped low enough one day to wear my new favorite (dream find) Chanel floor length duster cardigan coat magic thing. I found it on The RealReal, which is my new obsession. Basically a curated site of everything I look for on eBay (but without the awkward selfie listing photos). Go git you some.


The Hundreds #Incorpirated shirt // Emerica jacket // J Brand jeans // Vans x Blends SK8-HIs

Typical Monday - Friday officewear for me. Tee, jeans, comfy shoes. Lucky, I know, but I'd still like to eliminate even this bottom level of laziness and just wear a Dickies jumpsuit to work everyday. Imagine how much time you'd save! Oh but can't leave the house without a bunch of Kuma/Pepper lint of course. And some of you may be wondering about the tshirt I'm wearing. One of the perks of working for a company with its own printing facilities. A commentary on corporate branding, if you will. You can read about it here.


CÉLINE top and pants // Vans shoes

I am 34. I am 34. I am 34.

Oh sorry, just trying to get used to it. Sometimes I feel 12 (most of the time I feel 85). This is from my birthday this past Sunday. Just a quiet day at the dog park with my family. Impractical outfit with practical shoes. Sort of a metaphor for the balancing act that is my life.

It's intentional that there's not a whole lot of deep meaningful, or serious content here. For me the internet is not the place for it. That's what real life is for I guess. There are times though, throughout the year that I do get sentimental or downright pensive, usually around holidays or this here birthday. I never would have imagined my life would be as it is now, ten years ago. Probably not even two years ago. I try not to think about it too much. It stops me dead in my tracks and ain't nobody got time for that! Gotta keep it moving. You just have to try to be thankful for what you do have and work harder to fill in the rest of the blanks. 


Acne jacket // Equipment shirt // custom leather shorts // Blends x Vans Vault SK8-HIs

You know when you're so busy you can't eat lunch, then you're so tired you can barely eat dinner? Take out is the answer. Ideally I wouldn't have to walk, but I'll take what I can get. (California rolls and watermelon???)

I sat in shrimp back position hunched over a project for six hours straight with no breaks. I have prison eyes and my back is crumbling, so there's not much more Tuesday I can handle. Tomorrow friends!


CÉLINE cardigan // Alternative Apparel shirt // vintage Levis // Vans shoes

Actually everyday is casual day at my office. This is borderline fancy for me. But I guess all it takes is insane outerwear to take jeans and tshirts to the next level. And lord knows I'm all about the insane outerwear. Is there anywhere in the world that is perpetually Spring?


BLENDS x Vans Vault SK8-HI Zip LX

BLENDS was kind enough to send me a pair of their Vans Vault collab, commemorating their 10 year anniversary. Besides the fact that they are all leather, the usual SK8-HI stripe is boooones, and the shoelaces are even fancy, my favorite part is the back zip. I love it when they do that. Oh and they go down to a mens 5.5 for all you ladies (and gentlemen with dainty feet, oof sorry). Limited edition of 100.

They'll be available at the BLENDS LA and OC locations as well as online starting March 8.