I rarely accentuate my waist. In fact, if anything I'm constantly hiding it under baggy shirts. But if ever there was a reason to cinch it, it would be this belt. This glorious bionic belt. Never was there such a belt. Belt, belt, belt.

Side note: I am now inspired to take up Kendo again.


VEDA jacket // A.L.C. tank and trousers // Y's shoes // A.L.C. Lucas bag

A.L.C. makes clothes so perfectly wearable in every way. And now we have the bags to match. I'd never really been into having a variety of bags, but the hole was often felt when I'd see girls reaching into their duffels and quickly retrieving whatever they were looking for and well maybe I don't want to fumble around in my giant messenger for my keys after all! But now I'm covered. Sometimes bags are overly designed, but this one is perfectly classic, just how I like. I see a long term relationship ahead of us Lucas.


photos by Brook&Lyn

So excited to finally be able to announce my collaboration with Veda. And what better timing than at fashion week? If it's not yet clear enough that I love the Veda Castor vest (where have you been?), I guess this collaboration piece really drives the message home. Like the LBD, the LBV is something that should become a staple piece in every girl's closet. If I'm going to spend money on a good leather piece that will last me years, I want versatility and maximum wear. With a good leather vest, you can wear it over tanks in the summer, over hoodies in the fall, and over jackets in the winter. It really is a year round piece. And it only gets better with age. I hope you like it as much as I do. It is now available for purchase here.


Veda Castor vest // H&M sweater // J Brand jeans // Balenciaga boots

Still waiting for the weather to make up its mind. Clearly this isn't from this weekend, when I was wearing 60% less clothing in the 100˚ oppressive heat. Nope, this is from the weekend before when it was dark and rainy. A little too extreme if you ask me. Waking up and checking the weather report has become too much of a thing.


VEDA Castor vest // JW Anderson sweater // Zara linen tee // CÉLINE pants // Alexander Wang heels

The piecing together of this look with the sleeveless leather and the bodyless knit sort of equals one full top in the end - layering that for once didn't yield the usual puffed up stuffiness. I normally never tuck in my shirts but the green is so dependent on the light blue is dependent on the royal blue is dependent on the maroon of these pants so it just had to be this way. I'm not one to fight logic.


VEDA Castor vest // Zara linen tee // Alexandre Herchcovitch shorts // Yohji Yamamoto Dr Martens // Ray Ban sunglasses

What you are witnessing here is my dream vest by VEDA. It's their Castor vest and it is the most glorious moto vest ever made. Well, depending on who you ask. But right now we're asking me and I say it is perfect. Usually I get new things and throw them over my most nonsensical pajamas (read: dingy PE shorts from the 7th grade) and twirl about my house, introducing them to my life slowly until I have the right aha moment to wear them out. But every so often I invest five extra minutes (on top of the usual eight) in my morning routine to get them out into public view as soon as possible. Because it would be selfish to keep this vest to myself. And my puppies. And my couch.

Here is my day look. Coming up, a night look. I know, generosity is abundant today.

(must be the vest)